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Have the LEM deploy Agent hotfix updates

Have the LEM deploy Agent hotfix updates

It's great that when I upgraded the LEM from 5.6 to 5.7, it went out and upgraded all the agents to 5.7.  This is great.

Why, then, do I have to copy jar files all over the place in order to upgrade agents to 5.7 hotfix2 after I have upgraded the LEM.  The functionality seems to be there to automatically do this and it would dramatically reduce the amount of time applying hotfixes and keep it all within the same environment (instead of having to figure out what systems have LEM installed, write a script to shutdown the service, copy the files, start the service).

This is inconsistent behavior and this would make it easier to deal with hotfixes.  If a hotfix doesn't affect an agent?  Don't upgrade it.

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Community Manager
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