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FEATURE REQUEST - Proper updating of LEM agent versions

FEATURE REQUEST - Proper updating of LEM agent versions

I don't know that I would call this a feature request, but support directed me here. I think it's annoying that when the LEM agent is updated through the console the agent version doesn't change on the client device when you view it in Add/Remove Programs. I was told in order to get this to update properly you need to run the remote agent installer on all the agents that have already been updated. Does anyone else have problems with the remote agent installer taking an inordinate amount of time to run over the WAN? We have pretty healthy WAN links and it takes 24 hours to run around 150 client/agent updates. This is much longer than it takes to update the same number of clients through the console. We have over 1,000 clients, so it will take me a week to get them all to show the version accurately. This seems like a huge waste of time.

I guess the bottom line is my recommendation for a feature request is to make the agent update process much less cumbersome. I don't think it's out of line to expect the correct version to show in Add/Remove Programs so we can get accurate information out of the software inventory tools we use to monitor patching and software versions.

Thank you

Case # 00165589

Level 8

I opened at ticket on this back in June 2012 and it was submitted as a feature request by the technician that handled my case and this still has not been implemented. This is frustrating when you are using a software management application for auditing purposes and the information provided is wrong, so you have to go pull an additional report from LEM to show its actually updated.

Level 9

I just found we have the same issue.  We are on version 6.7.2 of LEM and we have found we have plenty of 6.5.x and 6.6x agents on our servers despite Node Management showing version 6.7.2.  This is frustrating!