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Capture logs from Azure service fabric

Capture logs from Azure service fabric

In an attempt to make LEM a better hybrid solution I would like to see the ability for it to capture log events using the Azure service fabric.  This would allow LEM to capture logs from PaaS services such as SQL and IIS/Web Server.  We continue to manage more and more in Azure and will need LEM to have the flexibility to capture those events as well.

Level 21

I found THIS article from Microsoft on how to get the logs, from here all we would need is a LEM connector.

Level 21

Looking into this a bit more with THIS article it looks like the best option would be for LEM to support the ingestion of JSON data much like Splunk or ELK.  Unfortunately we need this data from Azure so it looks like we will probably be bringing in Splunk.

Here's hoping that SAW speeds up the LEM development. I reaaaally don't want another tool.