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Build Your Own Syslog Connectors

Build Your Own Syslog Connectors

I have a lot of devices that can send syslogs to LEM; however, often there aren't connectors for those logs.  I would love to see a small development environment for creating your own syslog connectors.  I imagine two different ways this could be implemented...

The first method would allow you to look at the raw syslogs, highlight the different sections and drag it over to the set of normalized data fields to basically teach the new connector which sections of the syslog message would be normalized into the different data parts.

The second method would be to publish a Regular Expression that could then be used to match the different sections of the message and equate them to the different normalized data parts.

I think the first method would be much more user friendly and be more in line with how SolarWinds has done things in other products.

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I would agree that this would be a nice feature.

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I would want there to be consideration given to what happens when a real connector gets released for those of us who have build our own.

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100 Votes for this one.

Solarwinds should look at open connectors / tools

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Same here, just got some Ruckus Wireless devices and controllers.  In 5.4 no connector so I'd really like to have a way to custom build a connector.

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I have a bunch of HP Virtual Connect systems that I would like to be able to send logs from to a centralized place.

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Ditto for Bluecoat products, etc, etc.

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i think this so could be very helpful for my forthcoming project


Industrial Networking:Industrial Ethernet:OpenRail System:Compact:Switches 1.0


Industrial Networking:Industrial Ethernet:EAGLE System:EAGLE 20 (Physical Firewall)

Thanks in advance

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I think that instead of using all your development/support force to try to add new supported Connectors, you should develop a tool for the community to create our own templates, because there are many in house developments and many more not supported devices that generate logs and having invested in Solarwinds without being able to create custom log sources would not justify the money invested, because other competitors like Splunk have this options, and for me at least is the only feature that splunk has over Solarwinds.

Level 8

We really need a way to create custom connectors. As new security devices come out in the market, there are many times that we need to be able to create our own custom connectors ASAP.

If such a tool existed it would save us all a lot of time and make the LEM even more useful but agree that there may be a clash between home made connectors and officially release ones - can I suggest that if the tool is create there is also a community area to submit the home made connectors with the ability for others to pick them up and use or update them - finally they could also then be picked up by the dev team and added to the official release if needed