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Allow SEM filters to be sent to Rule Creation

Allow SEM filters to be sent to Rule Creation

I Use the Filter creator in the Monitoring section to build and trouble shoot filters and often take advantage of the feature to be able to send them directly to Ndepth. This works great and I think it would also be very helpful to be able to "Send to" the Rule creation section under Build. Seems like whenever I want to build a new custom alert, I test it out in the monitoring section and then have to try to rebuild it again as a rule and this new feature would make that easier.

Level 21

Yes, it would absolutely awesome as I create filters to test in the monitoring section as well to determine how I need it to look and then when I get it working like I want it needs to be turned into a rule.

Level 9

Agreed, this would be a fantastic way to quickly build up rules for events. Many times I've seen an event occur and we want to create some form of email rule for it but find it can be quite difficult to get the rule spot on. Being able to make a filter and to create a rule from that would be a very nice way to do it and ensure that the rule captures what we need.

Level 15

As a corollary to this, would it also be possible to send nDepth queries as a template for rule creations as well? Sometimes, events that I'm filtering on don't occur often enough for monitoring. Therefore, I would use nDepth to zero in on past events.

Level 9

I agree; being able to send from a filter and nDepth would be very helpful.

Level 17


Level 9

It would be possible that some filter overlaps another that is double sense seeking the same thing with two filters?

Level 7

YES!  I would also like to see the time corrolation go with it in ndept, to refine the scheduled reports more........ we need this

Level 8

New to LEM, was quite surprised (disappointed) to learn this was not available. Seems like it should be fairly simple to implement.

Level 11

I ran into this the other day...I spent hours trying to figure out how to do this, then I come here and see it's a feature request.  I fully support this request.

Level 8

please add.