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Add a Label to the system

Add a Label to the system

Currently as best I can tell LEM uses the System Name that the system knows itself as.  I would like the ability to add a Label to the system in LEM that would be different than the System Name.  Currently this doesn't seem possible.

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Level 16

Where would this appear? Just in Manage > Nodes?

Level 21

That is where i would put it. 

Level 7

The ability to bulk-update via imported CSV or similar file would be excellent, as well.  It would simplify the drudgery of updating 600+ nodes with their appropriate host name.

I came to THWACK to create a new request.

But this sounds similar.

Please let me know if I am not on the same page?

I was hoping to add a Label or Description or Alias, whatever you want to call it.  Just so you can identify the syslog devices easier.  And Nicole (colby‌), Under Manage--Nodes is where I was thinking as well.


I think the complexities of taking this label and being able to parse it, add it to every event/log ever received going forward, and search on it in nDepth, and filter etc.... are for other debates/requests.  And not what this request is asking for.

Level 16

Right - I would also show the label when you do a lookup in Ops Center (like if you double click on a node in the node health widget) then eventually propagate or offer an option to display it with DetectionIP (and search).

Level 9

This would be very beneficial to be able to add a Alias/Friendly Name or be able to edit the current field without disturbing the IP address settings..

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