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Where to run scheduled reports from

I've been struggling to find a solution to a problem for a while now. For a long time I had many reports running from a robust workstation I used in the office. I ran the reports daily, weekly and had them drop in a network share. This setup worked great for many years. Then in January I updated that machine to windows 10 and the tasks stopped working. With the help of support we never did get that fixed and now the situation has changed with covid and not being able to go into the office, working entirely over VPN has changed the dynamics of this problem. I'm trying to figure out how to get what I had before where reports run automatically and drop in a share but this old workstation I was using connectivity to it is not as reliable as I need and working over the VPN makes using my laptop which is not always on the VPN a good solution either.

I'm wondering what others do to accomplish this if you use this feature? Is anyone using a dedicated server? Piggybacking on something else? If so I'm wondering what additional load might be placed on a server to run those as they do seem to take a long time I've noticed. I was only running about 3-4 reports, 1 daily and the others weekly.




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The problem I had after the update to windows 10 was for some reason I could no longer get the exports to drop in the network share location. I could get them to drop locally but that wasn't optimal so thats why I kept working on it.

Then the covid stuff hit and to another layer of difficulty, even some of the tasks I had running and dropping locally on that workstation I had sporadic success connecting to the files or RDP, not sure why exactly at this point, one colleague yesterday said he was having dns resolution issues and suggested that what I was seeing was also related. So anyway what I'm saying is I need to find something more reliable and this workstation which could probably continue to run the reports until I can figure out why I can connect to it sometimes and not others, maybe I look for something else. Looking to hear how others tackle it and hope it points me in a directions cause at this point I'm conflicted.

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