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Level 9

Troubleshooting SMTP connectivity?


I'm setting up my first LEM server which is on a customer site behind various firewalls and have got as far as configuring email.

I've specified the mail host and port number and so on, but when I send a test email nothing arrives and I get no feedback in the LEM console.
In NPM I can look at the logs to see why it may or may not have failed but couldn't see anything similar here?

Am I being blind, or is there no log?


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Level 17

Be sure to 'start' the email active response connector. If you simply fill in the details, it will let you click the 'test' button but won't fire until the connector is started.

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I figured that out after a few wacks at it. Solarwinds needs to add that to the knowledge base article.

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Level 15

You can also look for these errors in the web console.  By default, they go under the LEM internal events filter, but if you have a lot of rules and agents, that filter can be really busy and flood out the mail events.

If you create a filter like this, and then run the tests, it'll grab and sort out the email events:

2014-07-14 08_55_14-SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Console.png

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Level 12

You can view this in real time by logging into your LEM device.


cmc: :cmm# watchlog

Then run your SMTP test via Build -> Users -> pick your user -> Test Email Notification


Very helpful thanks

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