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Solarwinds SEM

Hello All, 

Please do we have Solarwinds SEM User Group? I am new to this tool and I need assistance on how to use the tool effectively. e.g writing rules. 


for examples, how do I translate this rules to solarwinds SEM rules?  

Inbound data usage

norm_id=* source_address=* -source_address in HOMENET destination_address IN HOMENET received_datasize=* -source_address=176.161*| timechart sum((sent_datasize+received_datasize)/1000/1000) as TotalMB, sum(sent_datasize/1000/1000) as SentMB, sum(received_datasize/1000/1000) as ReceivedMB


Allowed inbound connections by location

label=Connection label=Allow -source_address IN HOMENET source_address=* destination_address IN HOMENET | process geoip(source_address) as country | chart count() by country order by count() desc limit 10



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this is just a perfect question for our Support team. They will be very happy to help you and answer even more your questions. 

Thank you for reaching out!


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