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SEM licensing options

Discussed some licensing options with Eren Terkes and others yesterday.  I'm hoping we can find a way to start using SEM on all my networks isolated and CUI this year.  Most of my small Information Systems are today using one off combinations of scripts and various tools (sometimes free or open source) to do logging and for IA to do audits.  This really isn't ideal... we're getting closer to finding a solution for my problem which is good.  I have feeling i'm not the only one here on thwack with this problem.  I know many others in my industry also are struggling with this and it's not an option for us any longer it's a requirement.



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I'm happy to report that it looks like SW is on board with working with us to resolve the licensing issues.  This is a big step in the right direction towards getting more people to use SEM for compliance.  It's a tool that makes it easier to cover the 800-53 security controls and help to demonstrate you're doing what's required in an audit.  Together we can work to get some additional functionality that would help Federal customers I hope as well.  We just need to submit more feature requests and be active here on thwack.

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Some flexibility with the license would be very handy.  Thank you!

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