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SEM Agent Memory issues

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We recently upgraded our SEM appliance from LEM 6.6.0 to SEM 6.7.0. After the upgrade, the appliance went through all of the client nodes (we only use this on windows servers) and upgraded their agents to 6.7.0 as well.

After this, we noticed that some of our servers were running with very high memory & the process was Javaw.exe. Removing the SEM agent (using the uninstaller) also stopped the javaw.exe process and brought the memory right back down. It seems that there might be memory issues/leak with this client? I have now uninstalled the 6.7 agent from all of our nodes (windows 2008R2 and 2012R2) and will be testing reinstalling the previous client (6.6)

Has anyone else has a similar issue & is able to give any advice?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

SEM 6.7.1 is now available on your Customer Portal and includes a fix for the agent memory issue. Apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of the issue, I understand it was frustrating. Once you upgrade the SEM appliance to 6.7.1, the update will push to your agents (provided auto-update is enabled) and no further action is required in order to resolve the issue.

Thanks for bearing with us!

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We are experiencing a similar issue; however, I don't believe it's directly tied to 6.7. We're seeing it on 6.6 at one site and 6.5 at another. We have been troubleshooting to no avail. An uninstall and reinstall of the agent software worked on a couple of the machines and they stopped reporting the "javaw.exe" event, but several machines are still generating several gigabytes of logs over the same repeated event.

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We are also having the same issue.  We just upgraded to 6.7.  Every server with that agent is having it's memory utilization spike until it hits close to 100%.  It is the javaw.exe process that is spiking. It appears to then crash and then restart again.  For a moment, memory utilization goes back to normal until the next spike. Over and over and over.  THis is a major issue.  Please send a fix.

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Thanks for posting this issue.

It is important for us who were about to upgrade to 6.7.0 and if it's a bug, I hope it is resolved quickly by SolarWinds.

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We are seeing the same issue.  I am not totally convinced it's 6.7 because I am fairly certain we had this issue once before with an older version.  However we did just do the same and upgrade from 6.6 to 6.7.