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Respond and Kill Process

Is anybody else is having issues with responding by killing a process?

I was able to successfully send popup messages on the process starting but I try to kill the process as the response and it does nothing regardless of it being in a rule or manually from the Monitor page.

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Level 12

Did you get a response for this, am curious to implement this on our lab system.

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I am just circling back and submitted a tech support ticket.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Can you post a screenshot of your Rule Action to show which fields in the Kill Process action are populated? If the rule appears to be set up correctly, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket - they'll be able to review debug logs to determine why the action isn't triggering correctly.

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@jhynds im trying to I am trying to create an acction to popup a message in a workstation after a new user have been created or deleted i see the rule is working but the popup message is not coming , could you help me here?



  could you help me please? 😞

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I can't provide a screenshot but I did follow Configure the Kill Process active response in LEM​, and also I tried to manually kill the process from the monitor screen...neither worked but the popup message worked fine.

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