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Level 11

Remote agent installer no usb

I'm rolling out lem agent to 700 devices,  so been testing with first 2 , the agent installs, but the USB defender doesn't install,  I un ticked and re ticked,  even tried installing twice and with same problem

if i do a local install on a machine the usb defender installs fine

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Level 10

I had a similar problem, but ended up deploying the agent via GPO, you can enforce USB defender service with silent install and it is hassle free

The great thing with this method is that it also allows you to upgrade the LEM agent through the same GPO too.

Just few days ago, i upgraded all the agents by simply replacing 6.5.0 with 6.6.0. Couldn't get any easier

@echo off




IF EXIST "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ContegoSPOP\6.6.0" (GOTO END) ELSE (GOTO Install)


\\server\share\lem-setup.exe -i silent



IF EXIST "C:\Windows\System32\ContegoSPOP\6.6.0" (GOTO END) ELSE (GOTO Install)