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Please HELP - Oracle DB /var/log/local6.log could not receive any log

Hi All,

We have 4 oracle DB PRD servers and 1 UAT. We followed the below steps (the linux part) to config the audit logs.

All 5 servers have the same settings. We have touch the local6.log in /var/log in each server. However, we cannot see anything in the 4 PRD servers in local6.log meanwhile the UAT one could receive few auth logs then stopped by then. 

Anyone have clue for troubleshooting? We have already restart the syslog service many times and verified the config. 

Thanks a lot. 

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I'm still a n00b too, but...

Is there a firewall in the way?  Is everything on the same subnet?  Same network?  Can you ping from your Oracles to the SEM?

Also look for unmatched connector data.  No matter how hard I try, or convince myself that X logs to Y, they somehow show up in different places.

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the best way to be contacting our Support team. They should help you configure your DB to send the syslog to on SEM Manager or configuring SEM Agent on the Oracle DB servers. There might be unmatched data as well. That would definitely require the Support help. 


Thank you

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