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New to LEM - backing up database?


We will soon be deploying our first LEM server and I've got a couple of questions about backups.
Am I right in thinking that there's no option to do any sort of incremental or differential backup directly from the LEM software? The appliance will be located on a remote site and we would ideally like to do an off-site backup - fine on day 1 when it's a tiny database, but obviously that will grow and we don't yet know by how much. We'll have to play around with retention settings once we've started getting live data on there.

The other option would be for us to do a backup of the VM itself which is hosted on a VMWare platform - does anyone else do backups this way, and how have you found it? I'm fine with HyperV but haven't had any VMWare experience so that side is a little bit of a mystery.

Any pointers greatly received.


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Hey Zoidberg!  Here's hoping you get two meals in one week!

As for the LEM backups, first take a look at this:

SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How to Configure Backups on LEM Appliance for versions 5.6 and later

In LEM 5.6+, the archiveconfig backups are actually incremental.  If you go look at what the LEM produces, it's copying DB partitions to the backup location.  The first backup will usually be the biggest/slowest, but then the LEM just copied new partitions to the backup store.

I have seen customers do snapshots of the LEM from Hyper-V and VMWare, and it seems to work okay though it can quickly consume a lot of disk-space.

It should be noted that backups can only be restored to the same version, so if you backup the archive and config from your LEM 5.5 and upgrade to 5.7, that backup is no longer useful to the active LEM.  However, we do have people spin up an eval LEM on a previous version and ask support to import their database so they can search it if circumstances require it.

Thanks. I'd looked at that earlier but it didn't mention incremental backups. If they are then that's ideal for us, and I'll try and remember the warning as and when we upgrade to a newer version (but will almost certainly forget).

<scuttles off, looking for food>

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