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New Server

I am looking to address some issues we are experiencing with our current deployment. I am thinking the best way to approach this would be to deploy a new server with a only a few agents so I can work to address the issues. Once I get the issues resolved I would like to backup/restore the existing database and migrate all the existing agents/connector over to the new server. I believe there is already documentation to do the backup/restore but is there an easy way to "point" the agents/connectors to the new server without a uninstall/reinstall?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

+1 to reusing the IPs as an easy option. If you backup and restore all of the configuration to the new appliance, it will have a record of all of the agents and be able to "take over" seamlessly.

If they are connected by hostname, you could just update the DNS entry and everything will work.

There is a command on the appliance you can run BEFORE you disconnect all of your agents to tell them to connect to a new system (IP or hostname); they'll disconnect and reconnect to the new appliance. The catch is you have to do it before you disconnect anything, and any offline agents won't get the update.

If none of those sound good, you'll have to edit your agents' configuration files/clear certificates and reconnect them all (maybe a GPO).

I sounds like the IP swap may be the way to go. You mention a command that can be used to connect the agents to another system, what is that command? Can it be used selectively? e.g. can I run another appliance in parallel and selectively connect agents to it or is it an "all or none" type command?

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. Your information is definitely helpful.

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It's an all or nothing command that's broadcast out to all agents that are connected.

You'll need to connect to the appliance console, then do 'manager' then 'rcc', it'll launch a little mini-shell, then there's a third command you'll have to run from there, which is 'changeManagerHostname' with the new hostname/IP.

I'd recommend running through this sequence on a backup/test appliance since it's relatively destructive.

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Not sure if this is really what you're asking, but you could just swap IPs so that everything pointing to the old server now points to the new one.  That, I feel, would be the easiest way to do it.  Otherwise, you're looking at a very manual process.  The agents might have some kind of registry key that you could change and then update all of them via script/GPO, but I'm really just speculating.  Anything forwarding Syslogs would be dependent on the specific node.