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Level 7

Manual license activation LEM 6.5 fails

Can not provide screenshots.  closed network.  closed area.

Need confirmation of what I assume the problem is.  when we started procurement LEM 6.5 was the most recent version.  got approval for LEM 6.5.  Purchasing took forever to get license purchased.  License is for LEM 6.6.  LEM 6.6 is not approved.  IS that what the manual license activation is failing?  can't activate LEM 6.5 with a LEM 6.6 license?  Thanks.

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Level 10

Make sure you have the machine id correct. If you plug it into MS word or another editor, it may change the character set. I use notepad. I cut and paste to make sure I get the characters correct.

Did it not work on the web site? or when you dropped the approved key back on the server?

Spelling counts on that machine id:)

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The manual activation isn't dependent on the version of LEM you are running, so that shouldn't be an issue. Is there a particular error you are seeing? If you could send me your Unique Machine ID via private message, I can generate another .lic for you incase it's an issue with the file you are currently using.

I appreciate your help.  Since this setup is on a closed system, I have to manually type the unique ID on the website..  If I have a typo in the unique ID I submitted is there a way to manually resubmit the uniqu id via the solarwinds website? or is sending it to you my only option?

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It can be done via your Customer Portal and the steps for offline activation are outlined here: Success Center

If you need any additional help just let me know.

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