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Level 8

LEM to SEM????

I was recently given the task to "upgrade" LEM to SEM 6.7, does this require creating a new VM or a "update" applied to the exsisting LEM?

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Level 11

No new vm is required.  It is just a name change from LEM to SEM.

LEM 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 can be directly upgraded to SEM 6.7


These 2 products (LEM and SEM) are not there in Solarwinds upgrade advisor. It would be really helpful if you can share the steps on how to upgrade LEM to SEM?

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SEM is the product formerly known as LEM, they are not two separate products. In order to upgrade to the latest version of SEM, you can follow the steps listed in the Upgrade Guide. If you are running SEM 6.4 or greater you can upgrade direction to v6.7. If not, you'll need to upgrade to v6.4 and then to v6.7.

This is really helpful. Thanks a lot.

No problem! Anything else I can do to help, just let me know.

After upgrading the virtual machine the Security Event Manager webUI updated, but when clicking on the "SEM console" link in the top right corner I'm redirected to the LEM console. The shows that it is the 6.7 version but still says "LEM Console" not "SEM console" is there a step I missed that would cause this, or do I need install AIR.file somewhere for the change to take effect?

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When trying to do the upgrade and pointing to network share for the upgrade folder it asks for a  username and password. Does this have to be a local admin account on that network share, or can you use an admin account that's in active directory?

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It can be either. You can use domain\username for an AD account or just use the username (with no domain name) for a local account. If you have issues with the network share, there is also an ISO upgrade available.

This name change was just cosmetic.

I think SEM should've been used for a major point release, like SEM 7.0

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