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LEM - Reports Performance


Having some performance issues with LEM 5.7.0 release and now LEM 6.0 RC1 when running reports. Trying out various configurations - default appliance resources, additonal CPU sockets/cores, additional memory, different reporting client, upgraded LEM 5.7.0 to LEM 6.0 RC1 (updated the report software).

I am at a loss as to what is the determining factor of the reports running so slowly. This is present for even a database maintenance report. The only report to be seen to take little time at all is the agent status report.

A sample report which I have run manually and per schedule took 45 minutes to run then 1 hour to export the 1.3 million records as a scheduled report.

I have seen the reports work lightning fast on other installations and am hoping there is an answer as the what the root cause is of my issue seen here.


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I to am seeing ridiculously slow reporting times.  I'm not very impressed yet with this product to be perfectly honest. Trying to find information is harder than it should be.

So we did some digging into this and worked with support. Part of our problem was the sheer number of events coming in and the reports program just couldn't get the data out.  So I've been going through and adjusting our parameters and things are looking a bit better now.  one of the techs recommended throwing more resources at our virtual setup but thats not the correct answer because its never getting loaded down. The problem is the number of events coming in.  Since scaling it back and limiting some of the events flowing in we've seen better performance.  I'd recommend looking at what exactly you have getting captured. It very well could be the same problem we had. If you can go into the LEM console and get some data for say half a days period fairly quick try upping it to a full day and so on.  Then adjust your advanced GPOs to scale back some of the noise and you should see things improve.

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