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Level 7

LEM OPS Center - View Historical Data


I have recently installed the LEM appliance and all is going well, but I can't view historical data in the Ops Centre dashboard.

I would like a dashboard widget for account lockouts for the last 30 days. I can create the widget but it only displays account lockouts since logging onto the appliance and not historical lockouts.

I know I can view the information from nDepth but would like it to be displayed to the user at logon.

Any help appreciated!

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Level 15

The Ops Center widgets are driven by the filters in the Monitor tab, and these filters start counting from the moment the console is opened.  nDepth and the Reports Console are the only way to get historical data, though you could have the LEM e-mail out all Account Lockouts for the last 30 days every morning or have the Reports Console generate that as a report on a regular basis.

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Thanks for your response, I will look into the alternatives.

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