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Level 18

LEM 5.8 File Integrity Monitoring for Windows Beta

Hi everyone,

If you've followed our What We're Working on, LEM Edition post or seen some of our other activity here on Thwack, we're working on adding File Integrity Monitoring for Windows to LEM. We're ready to start admitting a few people to our beta program.

Just to set expectations, you qualify to participate if...

1. You're an existing LEM customer under active maintenance for the next 3 months

2. You're willing to deploy a test (non-production) VMware instance of LEM

3. You have a non-production Windows Server or Workstation that you're willing to test FIM on (ideally THIS week ;-).

Assuming you're good on 1-3 above, please fill out the LEM 5.8 Beta Participation Survey and we'll get back to you with download and install instructions.

(P.S. If you're on Hyper-V and want to participate let me know, we might be able to hook you up as well.)


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