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How Can I stop Automatic Updates on LEM Agents

LEM Community:

On LEM I want to stop or "grey out" the Updates Enabled on the LEM.  When we deploy our VDI VMs they are having a CPU spike looking for updates.  This spike drops when I select the nodes on the Manage Nodes page and select Remote Updates -> disable.  I would like to have the VDI deploy with this automatically set to disable as we put the hotfix on master VM image.

I was wondering if this is something I could put in the spop.conf file.

Thank You


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if I'm right you are looking for this article: Adjust the LEM Global Automatic Updates setting - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

If it doesn't help then please contact SolarWinds Support.


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I have this box unchecked already, but when our Windows Desktop deploys or recomposes the Windows VMs, the "sphere" on the LEM GUI is still green. I usually go and select a bunch and reset to disable to make the "sphere" grey.  We see a noticeable difference in CPU usage by the VM when this is disabled.

Thanks for the reply, it did make me go and double-check my work and that sometimes is not a bad thing.



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