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Level 7

Hi all, I'm new to Solarwinds and can use your help.

We just installed Solarwinds Log and Event Manager.  I'm looking for common security monitoring events that I can configure in Solarwinds.

Any suggestions?

Your Help would be greatly appreciated,

Signed, Security Newbie

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Level 15

Hey danielr79‌, some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have any compliance or auditing concerns?
  • What standards are you trying to meet?
  • What systems do you have that need to be monitored?

Have you checked out the LEM documentation page here on THWACK?  Or the video zone?

I also have some videos I created to show off some of LEM's features.

Level 9

Do you have LEM installed on a Windows Server or do you have it installed as a Stand-alone Server using a CLI?

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Level 7

Thanks Maria!

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Level 16

Hi danielr79‌,

Welcome to thwack!

I moved your questions to the LEM forum, so that it get more visibility. Also, you might want to check the Library & Support page for LEM Log & Event Manager (LEM) - Updated April 15, 2015‌. You might find a lot of useful information there.

hi maria,

Am kinda new to solarwinds(server and application monitor), i urgently need help on how i can integrate the solution to my ifrastructure and trgger realtime alerts.


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Hi chydyke‌,

It's better to post your question (and to include as much information as you can about your infrastructure) in the Server & Application Monitor‌ forum. Also, there is a Library & Support page for SAM as well. Be sure to check it out:

Server & Application Monitor (SAM) - Updated April 15, 2015

Thanks maria

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