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Help Troubleshooting Crystal Reports


I have been experiencing issues generating reports from the separately downloadable Crystal Reports module. I need to pull reports from the beginning of 2019, and I cannot get this piece to function.

I just managed to get the reports module from the Logon failure issue, to actually generate a report, but everything is reporting with a count of 0, so its still not receiving log data from the source. Screenshots are attached of this as well@@.

I don't know where to continue my search, so please let me know if you have experienced anything like this.

Thank you,


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It's not impossible that you just don't have data back that far. To get some insight into that can you run an nDepth search for 1/1/2019 for the whole day? Does it return any results?

If it does then it would point to a Reports Console issue, but if it doesn't then your data retention may not go that far back.

You can additionally confirm how many days of data you are retaining by using the Database Maintenance Report from the Reports Console, which I would suggest in any case to make sure that you have a good connection to return data from the LEM. If you get an error from the Database Maintenance Report it would be useful to see to direct further troubleshooting.

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Okay. So, our LEM VM sits in a cloud environment, and there is a separate engineer who administers systems on that cloud infra. We poll about 1,000,000+ logs daily, and he has on multiple occasions deleted the massive DBarchive files within that VM to allow the thing to run, otherwise the LEM console wouldn't work/load once the storage was depleted.

Are these DBarchive files the data dumps that get stored once it leaves nDepth? Is this a reason for the lack of data retention? If so, we were able to find the archived files in our backups, so would I technically be able to throw the files back into the LEM VM for exporting reports?

I will try what your suggesting for troubleshooting and will get back to you.

Thank you for your assistance!

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OK. That makes some sense. So what I think you're seeing is that your temp is likely filling up due to a failed backup which may be causing your issue.

I would encourage you to get in touch with Support to have them review your setup, but this all may be caused by your archiveconfig settings.

If you go into the manager menu and type archiveconfig, this command backs up the database files. If you've previously set up the backup location to somewhere that isn't reachable or has been moved/deleted the LEM may be unable to offload the backup and may be storing the files internally and causing issues.

You'll want to check, test and verify your archiveconfig settings and/or have Support check this with you.

You can find some additional information about the settings below, but I didn't find a KB article discussing the issue I've described above:

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