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Product Manager
Product Manager

Have an idea for integration with LEM and other SolarWinds products? Post them!

Hey All,

We've been getting questions about how LEM will integrate with NPM, APM, NCM, Kiwi, and other SolarWinds products. The LEM product team is just like other SolarWinds product teams - YOU hold the best answer to what you'd like to see done here. This thread is just for brainstorming, I am not making any roadmap commitments, stating any timelines, or commenting on the complexity of these ideas. We just want to understand what you want. 🙂

The suggestions I've seen so far:

  • Integrate LEM with Kiwi, to receive syslog data and/or alerts already configured in Kiwi.
  • Auto-discovery of network resources to configure based on existing Orion configurations, or using the same/similar auto-discovery methods.
  • Accepting/sending SNMP Trap alerts to/from Orion to cross-pollinate data.

Do any of these sound awesome to you (we're in the business of awesome, so I hope so)? Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions? Let us know!

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I would think LEM integrates with NPM, APM is a must since it is a member of Orion product family. Also it should be able to receive and parse SNMP traps, work with SNMP Trap Reccever from Orion, from other sources. Being able to corelate events from NPM, APM and SNMP traps and gernerate "New Event/Alert" will certainly make Orion very powerful prodcut.  

Q: LEM is more of a log analyzer or Event Management as a product ?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks for the feedback! I think the back and forth event notification will be super useful.

LEM is a bit of both - we can store and search your raw log data, but we also parse it, make sense of it, correlate events, and allow you to notify/act on them. It's all log-centric, but it's way beyond just log analysis. While Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) has "security" in the title, that's really where we come from. We just took "Security" out of the title because our customer doesn't JUST do security, and our product doesn't JUST do security either 🙂

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As an ex-Trigeo customer, here are some things that would be mandatory for me to consider coming back to the product:

1) Pricing in-line with other NPM modules.
2) No dependencies on proprietary embedded apps like AIR, Flash, Java, Crystal Reports, or separate installed consoles. It needs to work in a regular browser.
3) Event retrieval from Windows via WMI.
4) Command-line interface to searching and reporting.
5) Scripting API, preferably with support for languages that networking and security people know: python, Perl, Ruby, etc.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks! Coming from TriGeo, the pricing has changed at least. 🙂

Many of the items in your #2 list align pretty well with our roadmap - a web-based Console, a non-desktop (non-crystal) reporting engine. Those are things we've hoped to do for quite some time, and you will start to see movement in product soon.

Agentless data gathering does come up now and then, so it's something we'll keep reviewing for sure.

External data access (scripting, etc) is something that we're starting to hear since it's common with other SolarWinds products, so I'll make sure those requests get recorded.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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