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FireEye MPS Connector


Does anyone know how to configure FireEye MPS and the LEM connector to talk?  We configured FireEye by enabling rsyslog, checking all events, pointing to LEM IP, and enabling.  We configured LEM FireEye connector with defaults (/var/log/syslog).  Adding new node doesn't discover it and there's not a connectivity issue.  Is /var/log/syslog the correct log to read?

Thanks in advance.


Message was edited by: Steve Goldberg Nevermind... got advice to check cmc logs and found where the log data was going. Configured connector accordingly and manually added node; just had to select All Vendors even though it was FireEye. All Vendors saw it as Riverbed WAN Optimization Appliance.

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What do you mean you selected All Vendors? Do you mean in NDepth or in appliance connectors?

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Are you still having issue with it being discovered as Riverbed WAN Optimization Appliance?

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Product Manager

Wow, that's interesting info. Thanks for following up.

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