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Level 9

Does LEM automatically capture Windows' EVENT VIEWER APPLICATION logs?

If I develop a software application that writes entries to the Windows' EVENT VIEWER APPLICATION log, will LEM automatically grab the log entries generated by my software application along with all the other EVENT VIEWER APPLICATION log entries? If not, what would we need to do to make this happen -- if it is possible at all? I would like, at a minimum, for LEM to grab the entries from my custom software application so that I could filter off the content...

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Level 7

Still don;t get just the regular application logs, and what I'm after is the ssh logs from cygwin,  can't seem to get those to come over.

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Level 17

It should pick up all the Errors and Warnings in the default Application Log

So if I label my custom entries as a "Warning," LEM should pick them up (even though my entries would not be the Microsoft default)?

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Maybenicole pauls can validate

nicole pauls -- Can you validate the above and/or offer any other comments? Thanks.

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Turns out. This is not entirely correct. It appears that the Solarwinds LEM team is going to write us a special filter to be able to capture events that we write to the application log.

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