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2019.4 -> 2020.2 Agent update chaos


I updated the SEM appliance to 2020.2 yesterday and about 15 of my server agents stayed on 2019.4 and didn't upgrade. This cause gigantic openjdk files to flood the ContegoSPOP folder every ~30minutes until the C:\ filled up. I am unable to uninstall the old agent since the add/remove programs thinks the program is 135gigs. As a short term dirty solution, I've just had to delete the ContegoSPOP folder to get the server functionality back. 

Has anyone else seen this issue or have suggestions on how to handle this situation? 

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Anyone that is running into this issue please contact support. We do have a temporary workaround but we would like to collect information on the troublesome machines to get a cause as we are having a hard time replicating the issue in our environment for this.








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Yep, we have about ten servers that are wrecked by the update. Still trying to rip the old client out manually to stop the drives from filling up. Haven't had time to open a ticket yet but it's on my list for the morning.

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I work in support 

I'm sorry you are running into this issue 

I worked with Jared last night 

Please call in, we need to take a look at this issue asap. 

We need to get logs, a sample minidump and debug from your system. 

We also have a temporary workaround that I would like to try to resolve the issue until we can fix the agent.  




Hello, Is there an eta for a fixed agent?

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