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SCM for Linux/Unix Systems

SCM for Linux/Unix Systems

thanks to KMSigma​ for pointing this out during the #SWUG in Frankfurt

Implemented:  Server Configuration Monitor 2019.4 Now Available - Linux joins the configuration party

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Must needed feature. Without this it can not even be qualified as commercially ready product.

Level 8

Couldn't agree more. As far as I can tell, Linux is here to stay

Community Manager
Community Manager

Forgive me for playing devil's advocate here, but can't you do much of that with Network Configuration Manager?

Connect via SSH.

Login with Credentials.

Display file contents to the CLI (cat /etc/hostname)


Note that I haven't tried this yet, but it seems like a usable case.  The automation of the "profiles" might be missed, but you should still be able to capture deltas between files.

haven't thought about this. I do agree the device Template stuff might be a bit tricky.

Product Manager
Product Manager

If you are interested in Linux support, check out the post in the RC Forum: SCM 2019.4 RC Now Available - Linux joins the configuration party

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented