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What We're Working on for SCM (Updated Jul 13, 2020)

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Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome, and have been vital in shaping SCM into the product it is today. We are always listening, so please forward your feature requests, problems and use-case stories.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the above list, check out the Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) Feature Requests forum and vote for your favorite features and add new ones by clicking Submit a Feature Request.

Available Beta and RC releases:

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Hi guys - Additional OS support. over and above Windows and Linux, would be great ..... HP-UX, AIX.

We'd be purchasing this module if other OS were supported, so we can continue with our SPoG monitoring.


I would also definitely need to see Linux support before I could even consider this as a solution.

Absolutely, we knew that was something we wanted to do even before we launched 1.0, but we had to draw the line for 1.0 somewhere.  Needless to say, this is something on our short list.

Thanks for the quick response Brandon!  I totally understand drawing a line so you can actually release something.  I just wanted to put the note here as I know you guys use client feedback to prioritize development efforts and for me this would be a priority.

@bshopp , I know SolarWinds is always very hush hush when it comes to features that are being worked on and their projected release dates, but is there any kind of general timeline we can look forward to seeing the STIG compliance profiles built into SCM? Any chance we're talking before the end of 2020??? We work with a lot of federal customers that would LOVE to see this happen. We're currently working on hand jamming some STIG profiles that I will try to share once completed if possible, but it's a painful process. Would love to see this released VERY soon! At least for the most common of items, such as Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, SQL Server 2016 and newer, RHEL 7 and 8, Sharepoint, etc...Hope to hear some good word!

@dmvrtisjr I am looking for the exact same thing... am desperately hoping I don't need to hand jam the STIG profiles myself. Please let me know if you've made progress on it - would love to save time if someone has already put in similar legwork (specifically for Windows Server OSes and Win10!).

@dmvrtisjr  and @ethankaiser 

Check out the SCM 2020.2.1 is Now GA - Support for Compliance Policies - which now has support for STIG compliance policies. 

Thanks @bmrad , I already got the updated version installed in my lab and have been trying to put it to work. I definitely like what I'm seeing. I can't wait for the additional STIG policies to be incorporated down the road as this module grows!

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