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Primary Default SolarWinds Files Used To Customize Deployment

I created this profile to track when my custom SolarWinds modifications get reset. There are numerous files to keep track of, so I figured I'd just start out with the main ones. As time permits, my plan is to break down the profiles into different categories, based on the products/functions being modified.

Disable Precompiled Web Pages; Making Custom Mods Great Again!

E:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ConfigurationWizard.exe.config

Make sure this file keeps this: "PrecompiledWebsiteDisabled" value="true"

This is what makes the Orion website install use files, instead of placeholders.

Without this, custom mods are much more difficult to accomplish.

Network Discovery "Discovers" Devices, But Does Not Import Multiple Devices At Onc...

E:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SolarWinds.Orion.Discovery.Job.dll.config

These options allow the network discovery process to add nodes with the same name, IP, and/or MAC address.

"DisableIpAddressDuplicateDetector" value="true"

"DisableMacDuplicateDetector" value="false"

"DisableSysNameDuplicateDetector" value="true"


This controls the grid appearance and functionality on the Manage Assigned Application Monitors page.



This controls the grid appearance and functionality on the Manage Application Monitor Templates page.


Adjusting Pages To Display More Stuff


This modifies the accounts page to show more data, using more of the screen.



This affects how the grid appears and functions on the Custom Property Editor page.


Adjusting Pages To Display More Stuff


This controls how the grid appears, and functions, on the Manage Custom Properties page.



This controls the grid appearance and functionality on the Manage Agents page.


Now, whenever I run the config wizard, and my mods get zapped away, SCM will kindly provide me a way to restore them.

Thank you,



This just gave me all the feels.

You are a master

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