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Level 11

Viewing a server baseline in full in SCM

I've been trying to find a report or database table for viewing a server baseline in full altogether.

I'd really hate to have to copy and paste each entry from the inventory to gather this myself.

Anyone know where this can be located or accomplished?

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Level 8

I am not sure, what exactly are you trying to accomplish. Could you please provide more detailed description?

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Something like this, a snip of the firmware section. But all of them in a full report. Of all the hardware and software inventory sections.


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Ok, so you want to take an entire profile and run a report that just shows all the changes (before and after) that occured for all elements, with color coding?

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Not the before and after really, just all of the outputs from the assigned profiles, grouped by profile. If that makes sense.

To get the data right now I took the output from each of the profile areas and added a SWQL custom query to the device, on the Server Configuration tab of the Node Details page.


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Best I can come up with is to create your own report to list installed software & hardware: Success Center

Or use / modify existing asset inventory reports:


Best regards,

Steffen Gutzeit