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Level 9

Show us what you're doing with SCM for 3,000 THWACK points!

Hi SCM-ers!

The User Experience (UX) team wants to know how it's going so far for you with SCM. What have you done (or haven't gotten around to) with it so far? What's working well? What needs work so that it is more useful to you? If you're able to take us on a tour and speak to those points, and if you have an hour to spend with us on a Webex, please message me directly (see below) and we can set up a time. Oh and most importantly, you'll get 3,000 THWACK points for your time!




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Level 8

We are in the process of setting up a new instance of SW and we will be installing SCM on the new instance.  We have 450 servers to monitor with over half being DEV servers that have constant changes made.  I am new to SCM so any resources you may have to get maximum use out of SCM would be greatly appreciated. 

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I've deployed SCM in our environment.  I really haven't done to much yet since we got it as we were heading into the holiday season, but I'm seeing some great things coming from it.  I came to the forum today actually to ask a question about SCM when I saw this post.  I know it's past the cut off date, but I would be open to doing a WebEx with the team.  I think it would be a great opportunity to learn more about this tool. 

Yes let's talk! I'm DMing you now 🙂

Thanks again for the time yesterday! 

To anyone else that has downloaded Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) and hasn't talked with kbongi I highly suggest you do.  It was great to have the key players behind this app on the line listening and responding to my questions and thoughts.

Thank you keenb​ -- we appreciate all of you help and feedback and look forward to talking with you more in the new year! 🙂

Level 11

I just spent an hour on a webex going over SCM with someone.  Talk to Matthew H.

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We have not downloaded it yet.


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Level 20

This module is still really new to us all.  It'll be interesting to see what it can do for sure!

I am going to download it, but i haven't yet.   Well that's a lie, i did, but its not installed and configured yet.   Always willing to help though.

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