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SCM vs LEM for Real-time file detection / File Integrity Monitoring

With SCM 1.1 released, it looks like Solarwinds has added a feature for real time detection for file changes...

What is the difference between SCM and LEM in this regard?  LEM uses a FIM driver for reporting file changes... is SCM now providing the same thing?

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That is correct. SCM also uses FIM driver for the real time detection as well as getting 'Who made the change' information.

Based on your observation, which is better for overall usability and value, LEM or SCM?

Thanks in advance!

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Depends on your use case.

If you want to monitor and process logs, use SEM (LEM).

If you want to watch for changes to configuration files (or registry, or the output of scripts), use SCM.

The Windows FIM drive allows both products to know when a file has changed in real time, and SCM also picks up who made the change to the file.