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Level 9

Report on Changes made to a Server or Router

In SCM I can compare the Server configuration, I can compare it with a date in the past to see if there were changes made same on a router, is it possible to create a report that would show all changes in a give time frame? And if so what are the steps to make this possible.

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Level 8

You can also customize the time frame of the "Server configuration changes in the last 24 hours" report to whatever you need by selecting it and clicking edit report. Is that what you wanted?

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Yes Thank you

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Product Manager
Product Manager

SCM only focuses on changes to servers, not switches or routers - try NCM for that.

To see a report on server config changes, simply go to Reports in the menu bar and then search for "Server Config" and these reports should show up:


You've got 3 reports, the config changes for in the last 24 hours is the one I think you want.

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