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enable scheduled/complex scheduling of SAM polling in templates

enable scheduled/complex scheduling of SAM polling in templates

I want to draw attention to frequency/timeout. One thing would be nice if we could have a dropdown for minutes/hours/days to make things easier, but another would be if we could schedule this. Say, for example run this at 11AM every day or 11PM every night? Maybe with a menu similar to report scheduling or alert scheduling.



Yes, please!

Level 7

That would be very useful for eg. daily/weekly/monthly checks that makes absolutely no sense to check every 5 min or every hrs or whatever. Like I want to se if the monthly scheduled job to se if it ran through properly the 2 minutes it actually used!

It's not that you can't set it to a super long timeframe through calculating seconds, but that just seems a bit obtuse

Level 7

lol yeah, "run this every 2 592 000 second please" (30 days)

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Level 11

A fast polling option would be very useful too, where it would start polling more frequently if an issue is detected.