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Windows Scheduled Task Options

Windows Scheduled Task Options

The addition of the Windows Scheduled Tasks monitor was a great addition IMHO.  However,  It lacks the ability to choose which scheduled tasks to monitor.  I would like to see an update to this monitor that would allow for the selection of which scheduled tasks to monitor and which scheduled tasks not to monitor.  A good example of whet does not need to be monitored is on Server 2012R2.  There is a scheduled task named "Optimize Start Menu Cache Files" that is automatically created.  I don't need to monitor this scheduled task so I should be able to deselect it.

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I have come up with my own work around for this issue.  I created a scheduled task that executes a PowerShell script which deletes any scheduled tasks that have "Optimize Start Menu Cache Files" in the task name.  On servers that we RDP to on a frequent basis the scheduled task runs every 15 min.  On other server it runs every hour.  Since I have implemented this no more issues with the Scheduled Task monitor.

would you be able to share PS script?

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Alex - The script is actually a very simple one liner.  The code is below.  As I said I run the script in a scheduled task at various intervals, every 15 min to every couple of hours depending on how often the server is logged on to either at the local console (pretty rare) or via RDP.  Also, I run the script using a Groups Managed Service Account so I don't have to work about managing the password for the account that the task runs under.  Anyway here's the code:

get-scheduledtask | where {$_.taskname -like "Optimize Start Menu Cache Files*"} | Unregister-ScheduledTask -Confirm:$false

I hope this helps

That's great, thank, I will give it a try.

We have quite complicated environment and a lot of nodes... We might need to implement this via group policies somehow. Anyway, I hope we will see ability to exclude scheduled tasks (or patterns) natively in SolarWinds

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Adjusting the trigger condition works for me.


bump up! The moment I add scheduled task resource on page - it immediately gets cluttered with those "Optimize Start Menu Cache" and there is no way to hide/exclude them. I know I can exclude them in the alert, but I need visual as well to be clean and tidy.

We need a simply filter in this resource to allow to filter out certain tasks not to be displayed - pretty common filter, as used in many other resources.

Also, same filter should have ability to control how many records to display by default (the one which is in the resource itself, at the bottom, does not persist)


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Yes - need this too - a way to select which specific tasks to actually monitor.

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