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Webhook option

Webhook option

I think it would be good if Solarwinds brings on WebHook option... This can help in integrating it to other products very easily...

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Level 7

Hi. I want send alert in solarwind to mattermost webhook. Is't posible?

Product Manager
Product Manager

This is already possible today in Orion using the HTTP/S Get/Post alert action.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented
Level 7

Hi, thanks for your answer. Actually have this metod but it´s not working. When simulta the alert, i have the msj: Failed to execute HTTP request.


In the "Configure Action: Send a Get or Post Request to a web server" in the URL i have url mattermost onpremise



But, i have this msj: Failed to execute HTTP request.


Body to post:

${N=Generic;M=Application} ${N=Generic;M=Date;F=Date}

Level 16

@aLTeReGo  But i have seen ppl mentioning that this option doesnt work.. can u give some examples of how it can be made use of?

We are also trying to see if this method can help in sending alert to ticketing system...

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Can we have some working examples as most of the ppl are stating that action doesn't help.

Product Manager
Product Manager
Level 7

We had need for this recently.  Real quick and easy Powershell script that worked for us.  Use Execute and External Program for the Alert action, of course.  Hope this helps someone.

Powershell.exe -File C:\SlackAlert.ps1 -body "${N=Alerting;M=AlertName} was triggered, blah, blah"

Here's the script.  Adjust as necessary, save as .ps1 and call from the Alert.


$RestProps = @{
'Uri' = '';
'Method' = 'Post';
'ContentType' = 'application/json';

Invoke-RestMethod $RestProps -Body (ConvertTo-Json -InputObject @{text='$body'})


Level 12

@aLTeReGo What about incoming Webhooks? What you are describing is a mechanism to execute a POST/GET request as an action to an alert. Webhooks could be a useful method for SolarWinds to receive events/data from other platforms. 

Not really sure what  @pratikmehta003 was trying to achieve, a few additional details would be appreciated. 

Product Manager
Product Manager

Webhooks can be used to trigger actions/verbs in Orion, such as acknowledging an alert or even add notes to an alert, but there is no way to input data (metrics or log events) into Orion like you can for AppOptics or Loggly