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Volume Management and Status Feature

Volume Management and Status Feature


I would like to see if we could display the volume status to be consistent between views of the Node and Volumes. It should be something that doesn't take 15 minutes of hoovering  over every object about the Node to find the issue. It was also something I could have found much faster and easily if under Node Management  Volume management was supported like it does for Nodes and Interfaces today.

Standard View of Volumes

Volume Resource.JPG

When hoovering over volume...

Volume Resource - Status.JPG

Node Summary shows no issues for this Node

Node View.JPG

Only the Map view of this Node shows a Child Issue, but doesn't tell you what the issue is like it does for Interfaces, Hardware, Applications.

Map View.JPGMap View2.JPG

Derik Pfeffer

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Are you serious? You shipped the application without the ability to manage volumes? Classic SolarWinds.

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Cross posting a comment: Just to bump this, I would also like to be able to ignore (specific components on specific nodes) during discovery, such as a particular volume that you do not want managed. That might be a separate feature request, but it's the natural follow-up to this one.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Marking this as something we're working on because we're looking at improved status for volumes. If you have an opinion on the matter, please come chat with me!

I am VERY much interested in seeing an improvement for Volume management as well as it's inclusion for Enhanced Node Status.

Volume threshold must include % and MB checks (both!)

- Right now volume thresholds overrides are only available for %. However, what I found is that by defining BOTH % and GB it is possible to have a single alert that can handle ALL disks at once - big and small and anything in between. Thresholds can be set to 95% AND 10GB. Small disks will usually have 10GB breached pretty soon at about half capacity, but % will petty much determine correct time to trigger an alert. Contrary, for the big disks, it works other way round - 10TB disk may have 95% value breached, but actual space left (500GB in this example) is still more than sufficient and will not require actions to be taken at this stage. Therefore - both values must be breached to fire an alert. Such values needs to be set globally in settings as well as having an ability to be overridden per disk, if needed (for the most part, with such approach, overrides will not be needed, however, having them ensures we can cover 100% use cases - there is always "that one" that needs a very special treatment)


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would be very eager to try this once made available.. this is missing from quite a long time and much needed...

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Also, VMAN should be able to alert of virtual disk space. This is only available using a custom query as documented here:
Instead, this should be an out-of-box alert.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: What We're Working On