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Virtual & Physical memory

Virtual & Physical memory

If this has been requested before, apologies.

This has bugged me for a while as I could never (within our environment at least) see the specific benefit of being able to monitor, as a volume, physical & virtual memory. Especially as memory gets covered under CPU & Memory when selecting what resources require monitoring.

I'm curious whether something along the below lines could be implemented (& to also to have some option to default these (memory volumes) to be not selected, or have the default as not selected when adding a device) ?

Actually, now I think about it, on devices where there is a disc drive, perhaps this could be defaulted as 'not selected' as well ?

I'm certain that there is a solid 'use case' scenario for having these defaulted to be monitored, but my reality is that it's a minor pain to have to review certain devices (perhaps that my less well informed colleagues have added) & amend these settings.

Partly, this is due to my aim to have a series of 'catch all' alerts/monitors in place that will dynamically pick up against any new devices added without too much manual overhead (& so that nothing get's missed).

An example would be that someone add's a node, includes Virtual/Physical memory as a resource & then over a weekend period, the disk alerting that is in place picks up on (what it sees as) a Critical threshold... I suppose I could incorporate a rule into the alerting criteria that discounts these, but then I'm still monitoring things that, IMO, don't necessarily warrant it.

Anyways... this is just a request, if anyone has some further thoughts/feedback, I'm always open to that.


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Perhaps you'd be interested in the automatic monitoring profiles included in SAM 6.3 (currently in beta). Here you can define what you'd like monitored, or what shouldn't be monitored for newly discovered nodes on your network.

Discovery 6 - Automatic Monitoring - Select Volumes.png

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Hi aLTeReGo

Yes, yes I would be interested in this... once again, Solarwinds have seemingly 'read my mind'

I'll prob wait till this is out of beta however, but this does look to address the issues that I am facing. Thanks!!

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Oh wow this is awesome!

It has bugged me for a while now, thanks aLTeReGo

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danielgilbeyaLTeReGo‌ just a quick query -

The monitoring of selecting CPU and Memory does this negate the need to select Physical / Virtual Memory?

What do we get more by selecting both? and Monitoring as a volume (other than using a license for Volume)

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, it is a question I have pondered for a while

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Product Manager

The main differences are that virtual memory information is only available as a volume, and physical memory reporting is significantly more accurate when it also monitored as a volume. How the memory portion of "CPU & Memory" is calculated is fairly crude as to be applicable to virtually any device. The memory volume technique is standards based and more accurate for those devices that support it.

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Thanks aLTeReGo

Ill keep choosing the volume for Physical Memory and await the new features within SAM 6.3 for exclusions within discovery.

Thank you

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