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Using API response for display name of an value

Using API response for display name of an value

It would be great to use the API call response not only for getting the values but also the "Display Name" of that value to have a dynamic display name.

Level 10

@ralfs  Could you provide an example what are you trying to accomplish?

Level 11

@jan.rachwalik If you request for example metrics from Azure which have more that one dimension Microsoft does not guarantee that they come always in the same order. When I request for example the state of the PODs in a Kubernetes  Namespace ([many characters]/metricnames=kube_pod_status_phase&$filter=namespace eq 'orion' and phase eq '*'&aggregation=Average) the order of the list is different for each request. Therefore I want to have the "Display Name" of the metric dynamic. Workaround is to create for each metric it's own API request but I do not think that this is very elegant.

Level 10

OK. Thanks for quick answer and the details. The request makes sense.