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UnManage Component Monitors within an Assigned Application Template

UnManage Component Monitors within an Assigned Application Template

Sometimes it's necessary to unmanage an individual component within an Application Template but it's not desirable to unmanage the entire application template because you lose visibility into the availability and performance of the rest of the elements that make up the application. Today the only option available is to break component monitors up into multiple applications templates that can then be unmanaged individually. SAM should allow users the flexibility to unmanage individual components within an application template, both from within the web interface as well as through the Scheduled Unmanage utility.

Level 13

This option should also be available when the template is assigned.  That way, errors are not recorded immediately, before you have a chance to unmanage the components that do not apply to the particular server.

Also, for n-tier applications that run on several servers, shouldn't there be ONE application monitor that gives the status of the app no matter which piece on which ever server is running or having issues.

I've had to resort to moving some component monitors into separate templates in order to be able to unmanage them when needed.

Level 9

Totally agree...

I've created this for the NPM section as well.

Level 19

I usually disable the component manually, but I can see how scheduling would make this better.

Level 11

Useful one..

Level 12

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that once you disable and save the Component, you loose the historical data from the previous monitoring of that Component.  Having the ability to just Unmanage it would be preserve that historical data.

There is another advantage that I see with aLTeReGo's idea...  Currently I allow my users to Unmanage, within the web, Nodes and Application Monitors.  However I forbid them from editing the assigned Monitors and Templates.  Unfortunately I cannot give them access to do one without the other being available to them as well.  (see and vote there as well!!!)  When they run into a situation where they want just one Component disabled, they come to me and I disable it for them.  This feature would hopefully be outside of editing the Monitor and maybe on the Component Details screen like with Node and Application Monitor Unmanage, thus allowing me to give control over Component Unmanage to my users as well.

Level 9

I need this ability and/or being able to assign a custom property like 'mute' => 'yes' or 'no'.

In addition to this would be nice to see custom properties on the component level as well

As of now I use a little switch in component description, something in-line "mute_this_component" (Ideally we would have it as custom property: Mute Component - Yes/No). Then, in my alert, I search for this string. If found - alert is not triggered. This does not stop SolarWinds from flagging it red though, but is such case, when I do not want monitoring to be done at all - I would just disable entire component on either application or template level. Works ok for now, but native feature to deal with this case would be definitely beneficial

Level 9

Great Idea!

Level 14

I'd find this useful as we have over 400 apps running and some behave very differently to others.  I'm going to have to set up about 50 different templates in order to report / alert correctly.