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TCP Port Monitor, Add any subinterface IP address

TCP Port Monitor, Add any subinterface IP address

The ability to specify any IP Address to monitor for a Specific Port for TCP Port Monitoring.

There are nodes that have sub-Interface IP Addresses that have rules that answer on a specific port. 

There is a requirement to test a port number for the sub-interface IP addresses. 

This type of functionality currently exists with the HTTP/HTTPS monitors. 

This should have been part of the TCP Port Monitoring from the beginning.

Please implement this ASAP, otherwise we have to build a custom TCP Port monitor using Powershell.

While modifying the feature, add the ability to specify a port range.  example: 1777 - 1779.

Thank you.

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Level 12

wluther, patrick.hubbardDez​ @

This has been open for a while and is still a priority.

Does anyone else have any different ideas on how this would work?

Level 12

Let's bump this to get some traction.

Level 7

I would say TCP Port monitor should have the ability to check a port range.  UDP Port monitor should be the same.  Especially with anything that do RPC, Java apps and Oracle stuff. 

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Community Manager
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Level 12

Bumping this one up.  Needs to be implemented.