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Set individual volume thresholds for easier diskspace monitoring

Set individual volume thresholds for easier diskspace monitoring

It would be great if we could set critical thresholds on an individual volume basis like is possible with component or application monitors.  Creating one size fits all advanced alerts is quite tedious, if not impossible. You could still have the overall disk thresholds, but then when i click on volumes, i'd like to 'override' the default.

This way it could be possible to have a single disk alert, but be applicable to many different volume types and capacities.  Fire alert when disk space = critical




We have defined Custom Properties to the Volumes Table for these thresholds and use this field in the Advanced Alert Rule. I'd rather have it built into the system instead of having to add a Custom Property, remember to populate it when adding a node and/or adding a volume.

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Correct, but if we have SAM template would make life much easier specially when creating advance alerts (too much customization involve with excluding nodes).  I vote for this option.

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Product Manager

This was implemented in SAM 6.2.

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Great News! TeReGo and thanks for sharing it!


Can you send me a link to the details of the SAM 6.2 implementation.

I monitor both windows and linux servers. Will this work for both?

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Product Manager

Bronx‌ may be able to point you at some documentation, but in the meantime it's fairly easy to find on your own. SImply edit any currently monitored volume a click the "Override Orion Capacity Thresholds". Then you will be able to adjust the thresholds for this volume, separate from the global thresholds.

Volume Thresholds.png


However, thresholds are useless if I can't alert on them. I can't find a way to do it.

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This can be done using the Web Based Alert Manager included in SAM 6.2.

Volume Threshold Alert.png

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I got that far but can not see how to alert on Critical. Do I have to add not equal to all the above statements to capture Crit?