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Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) support

Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) support

This would be an awesome feature addition to SAM to support SCAP. SCAP uses specific standards to enable automated vulnerability management, measurement, and policy compliance evaluation.  It enables standards based tools to automatically perform security configuration checking of operating systems and applications using publicly available checklists/benchmarks.  Given the EVER present need for security baselines and monitoring, I think the benefits are hugely self explanatory.  Thanks for your consideration.

Level 9

Surprised no upvotes so far. as soon as we deployed SW, this was something we were asking about. I'd be very happy to have SW as a console for SCAP scans; sounds like a great idea.

Level 11

Similar to the solarwinds patch manager type integration where Solarwinds displays a summary/reports dashboard of SCAP.

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Community Manager
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