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Save audit events for account permissions changes

Save audit events for account permissions changes

Solarwinds does not save an audit event when someone changes permissions for an account. Solarwinds should audit permissions changes for several reasons:

  • Good security practice - if permissions are changed, we want to know when it happened, and who made the change
  • Easier recovery - if an inappropriate change is made, we can look at the audit history to see what the old permissions were, and change the permissions back
  • Troubleshooting - if an end user says their view of Solarwinds has suddenly changed, we can look at the audit history to see if it's a permissions change versus someone deleting nodes.

These are my reasons for requesting this feature. If other users can think of additional reasons that this would be useful, please comment!

Level 12

I completely agree.  I would, however go one step further and say any change made int he "settings" page should be audit-able.  It's crazy that settings page is pretty much all or nothing.  We want to give users access to certain admin settings, but we can't because once they have access they can make any change they want to a large number of settings and it's completely undocumented.

Level 12

I agree with both the posting subject and comment replied to here.

We really need to have detailed auditing on changes made to accounts and I have voted Up here.

While Windsors is doing a better job of providing more granularity to user/group accounts, I also agree that more could be done.

Level 7

Pls help us undertand if any one ( having admin previllage) changes the permission of any user then what is the mechanism available in solar winds to find out when and who has made changes

Level 12

My experience has been that there is no way to determine this.  If you are interested in having this feature, and everyone that cares about security should, then vote this Up.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting