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SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor - added feature

SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor - added feature

This request is in regards the the SAM posted in this thread.

Many folks have the scenario where there are multiple name-based virtual hosts defined on a single web server.  For us, we generally create CNAME records in DNS that alias to the actual server hostname.

Orion does not allow a CNAME to be added as a node due to it having the same IP address as the actual hostname.

I would like to have a field added to this template where a CNAME can be defined for the test to check against INSTEAD of the node that the SAM is assigned to.

Level 10

I am pretty sure you can do this by hand editing the test for the variable to a static one.  Just copy, edit, and rename the test and use it over and over on the template.  I have four websites checked on one node.

I would really appreciate a reliable SSL certificate expiration date monitor.

We use CNAME's a lot, so I would like some sort of Pointer\Alas ... to point to the real name or IP address.

Yes I can add another node but then that server will be getting polled twice and that takes valuable DB Space\network traffic\Server load.

Level 14

Another feature that we would find very useful.

Level 8

Had this voted up a decent number of times over the years. Guess it just isn't in huge demand though.

Level 14

Can't imagine why this wouldn't be important.  I know I'd really find this useful where I am now and it would have been really good in my last several places.  I'm currently using an outlook calendar which isn't great.

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Community Manager
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