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SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups for AppInsight for SQL

SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups for AppInsight for SQL

SQL Server 2012 has a new feature AlwaysOn Availability Groups. For HA in SQL this is very powerful. It would be great to be able to monitor the Availability groups and how it is setup. SQL Server 2012 management Studio has a dashboard built in for this but being able to have this info in SolarWinds would be even better.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Could you post a sanitized screenshot of what this looks like in the SQL 2012 Management Studio so others know exactly what you're referring to?

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I don't have it setup yet in our environment. I have been reading up on it and planning it out since I am going to use this for our SolarWinds database so we can failover between datacenters.There are quite a few images on Google.

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I've been using the feature for a little while now. This is what it looks like in SSMS its very useful and hands the power back to the DBA from the cluster administrator :-). I would like to monitor this effectively using solarwinds if possible.

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We have over 100 availability groups, no easy way to monitor these?  Like a virtual IP not on a cluster, hard to setup a monitor, Solar winds thinks it is a server, but just a virtual address.

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It's a shame this still isn't a part of SolarWinds. Microsoft System Center still seems to be the only monitoring solution capable of monitoring availability groups. I wanted to go with that product over SolarWinds, but the rest of my team wanted SolarWinds. I've been pretty disappointed so far by SolarWinds.

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I would love to see this better implemented with AppInsight For SQL. Always on Availability groups are pretty much the future of SQL, we are migrating all of our SQL fail-over clusters to AAGs. I also use an AAG to host the SolarWinds database.

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sstark85 wrote:

... I also use an AAG to host the SolarWinds database.

How well does this work? Do you experience any database corruption or consistency issues?  Do you also use the Solarwinds FoE?

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Bumping this as SQL Server 2016 Standard edition now has Always On Availability Groups (AAG).  We are migrating hundreds of databases to SQL 2016 Standard w/AAG.  This is would be a big win for us.

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Just a thought.

Having configured and been monitoring 20 AGs in Solarwinds for 6 months now I think all that is needed is to include HADR items in the "Virtual server" that Solarwinds already shows.

For example, in the SAM "AppInsight for SQL" instance page there are details on  Application, Databases, AppStack Environment etc. Why not have a frame with HADR values such as Synchronization State, Connection State.

Better still is for when the "Application" is added (or modified) you tick the "HADR or AOHA" flag and only those databases involved in the Availability group are listed.
Currently all, in come cases 30, databases are listed and if there are only 3 or 4 databases in an Availability Group then we have to manually "Unmanage" the other 26 databases (Quite annoying).

Further to enhance the monitoring of the AG the current "Status" of the database could be updated with values such as the Failover Readiness values such  as No Data Loss / Not Joined / Suspended.  These are the statuses we need to know when monitoring HADR environments.

Hope you can help.

Yes always willing to offer assistance to achieve great outcomes for DBAs and Wintel Admins, consequently the client.
Cheers, Greg.

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I is interesting that we are each on our own in this monitoring situation - even from Microsoft.
I went to failover a AG Group the other day to do some maintenance on one node and the failover FAILED.
The failure was due to a database that had fallen out of synch on the secondary.

I now have to examine the primary AG Dashboard for each failover - messy when there are 7+ AGs on a server.

We need a reporting tool that indicates that there is an affected database so we can attend to it and avoid a disaster if the node failed.

I am very supportive of this request and offer my time to achieve a useful outcome for both parties.

I understand that SW promotes DPA but that is not on every SQL instance in our environment and we need AG warnings at SAM level not in a drill down.

Especially if you have 100+ AGs.