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SAM application template updater

SAM application template updater

Idea of the day: Why not have a way to both a: trigger an existing downloaded/imported SAM application monitor template to update (downloading the latest version from thwack) and also b: ensuring it then gets applied to all the nodes that already exist? This might be a way to preserve data and/or keep templates up to date where people may be having errors due to stale versions of a template and/or a way to highlight updated templates, in addition.

Level 14

I like the concept, but I'm not sure I agree with auto-update and apply.  I think I'd prefer a notification similar to the way module (NPM, NCM, SAM, etc.) updates are done. Then I can pick-n-choose what I want to update, and I can review the updates before applying them.

I was thinking that people would be triggering this by choice with a notification (similar to product blog updates) not just auto-update.  I still think it's needed, though.     

Level 14

Agreed and onboard with the idea.

Level 14

It makes perfect sense.

Level 17

I like the idea, but would like a button to "back out update" or "what would change" because over time, application monitors get tweaked with custom ports, etc..., that get forgotten about and this could cause much consternation.

Level 11

I like the users on Thwack, and we have some especially talented folks who post out various code-goodies for us to share.  Having said that, the code-goodies are generally written to solve A specific problem.  If that auto-magic update doesn't fit what you do, suddenly you have a tripped alert, and something to fix.  So, nice idea, but would really not a magic update.  Perhaps as mentioned, a way to indicate download, and approval for update ?

I agree, the idea of submitting an idea is to flesh out more of it with discussion. I don't know if this will ever go anywhere or not, depending on the SAM development priority/schedule.

bumping! This would be good to revisit! #bumpsquad

bump for #bumpsquad​ !

bumping, it's been a long time and I could still see this having use.