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SAM AppInsight for SQL - ability to ignore fragmentation of specific Indexes

SAM AppInsight for SQL - ability to ignore fragmentation of specific Indexes

There are some indexes that will just never be sorted for longer than an hour, but for that one index it's *ok*.  I would like the ability to "unmanage"/ignore just that index and then I can pay more attention to others.

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This is something that our DBA's would like as well.

Product Manager
Product Manager

SAM 6.0.1 (available for download now through your customer portal) includes the ability to exclude indexes based on size as pictured below.

Min Index Size.png

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Thanks for this information aLTeReGo. This solution will work very well for one of our primary DB servers so once the 6.0.1 release is officially released (i.e. non-RC) we will get this installed.

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Oh cool Jeremy!  That is exactly what most of our clients needed!  Thanks for sharing!

Sohail Bhamani

Loop1 Systems

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Just what I needed. Thanks!!!

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Actually - What I see as needed here is the ability to nominate how many (MIN) pages in an index before alerting.

For example out of the box SolarWinds alerts at all indexes that are fragmented.
For some databases they are always going to be fragmented because of the nature of their purpose (monitoring database for example)

Others are so small that the fragmentation is not an issue.

Microsoft nominally ignores indexes where there are less than a 1000 pages. I've recently seen alerts sent for a 5 page index..

Currently I am deleting the "greater than" values to ignore indexes for small databases or constantly changing indexes as I cannot restrict the "importance" of an index.

" Total size Index (KB) threshold:"  - How is this meant to work? Size is not a relevant parameter of an index. Pages in an index are, yes this is size related but the values "Greater than" imply that if the index gets to a nominated size it will be alerted ?? why??

Level 9

Further to the above I question if the "Minimum Size of index to Retrieve" actually works.

I received (pun intended) and warning alert for an index on one of our SQL 2012 servers.
I investigated and found that the index space is 0.031MB (well below 1024 KB) at table level,

Further, there does not appear to be a storage size recorded for an individual index.
The nominal measure used by MS and Ola Hallengren is "Number of pages." in an index.

I attach 3 images that support this information and AGAIN I ask for a "Minimum number of pages" for retrieval of index fragmentation.

ALSO - voting is an excellent idea, however there are more Sysops/Wintel Admins than there are DBAs consequently out vote numbers are going to be irrelevant to the total population but supremely important to us.

Dear Solarwinds please advise how we can escalate our requests in relation to our population?

With respect,


IndexStorageNotAvailableSQL2012.JPGIndexStorageTbllvl wellBelowMinimumSQL2012.JPGIndexNumofPagesIsAvailableSQL2012.JPG

Level 9

I found it.  - this is WRONG.. this is looking at the TABLE size not the index size..
Dear SAM please fix. please replace table size with "Number of Pages" for the index.
then we can ignore indexes less than out nominated value..

Yes we would also like to ignore nominated Tables.

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Hi, I created a new thread 12th Jan 2018 regarding exactly this issue with fragmentation and didn't know there was a thread already running for a couple of years now. I will vote on this and hopefully at some point in the near future Solarwinds will add this to the next release or release a patch to add the page count option so as to eliminate the needless fragmentation errors that pop up every so often.

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Community Manager
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